A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

Ever had one of those days when you realise it’s your turn to blog somewhere and you haven’t a clue what to talk about? Yeah, that’s me today.

Usually us Dirty Birdies throw a few ideas around for a monthly theme but here we are in June already, with BDSM and inspiration already dealt with in April and May and me feeling kinda naked. (Rest assured I’m clothed. I was speaking metaphorically.)

All that’s been on my dirty little mind lately (besides Askars turning gay for Jpad) is the D-word.


My personal blog‘s been a bit slow lately, as has my online presence anywhere other than Twitter. Why? I’ve actually been working. I know; try not to act too shocked. The finals for Stay the Night (17th October, Total-e-Bound) have been sent back and a couple of other projects dealt with. Now the only things in my in-tray are the first round edits on A Little Death and the first draft of a menage novella which needs to be finished, like…yesterday. No, seriously. Yesterday. My editor said, “The end of the month? Yes?”

*cough* Straight back to work for me as soon as I post this blog, then.

It’s the first time in my writing career I’ve had so many deadlines at the same time and I’ll admit I did the lying-on-my-bed-panicking-and-trying-to-breathe thing. But, contrary to popular belief, I am only human and like anyone else, can do no more than the best I can in the time available.

As I have next to no control over when edits come in, there’s not much I can do to remedy that problem, except perhaps stock up on Valium. You can sell books weeks or even months apart, and have edits and galleys to deal with in the same week. It’s just Sod’s Law.

But in a week and a half when everything will be done, written, edited and returned, I plan to have a couple of days entirely to myself. I say myself. I mean me, a packet of Oreos, a few beers and a DVD boxset.

Any suggestions? True Blood? The Tudors? Spooks? (Speaking of which, I’m proud to have converted fellow DB and author, Elizabeth Silver, to the hotness of Richard Armitage. His army grows!)

Deadlines and pressure are two things I’ve worked towards and wanted ever since I was a kid thinking, “I wanna be a writar when I ar growed up.” So I won’t complain.

But I’ll sure enjoy the down-time I’ve got coming. And I’ll pray that the voices in my head (and my real-life editors, heh heh) let me have a day or two to myself at the end of next week or therebouts.

And note to self: might be a good idea to actually write the next book before I sell it. That’d take the pressure off…

Alexander Skarsgard would agree.

“I agree. Plus, I am horizontal. Drool at me.”

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