My favorite summer…

I hate summer. Despite the warmer weather (well, relatively speaking – here in Monterey 70 degrees is big news), it usually drags like a dragging thing. But this summer’s flown by, mostly due to my new favorite obsession, which has to do with this man:

And this man:


Yup. At around 2 pm on June 4, 2011, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender took over my brain.

The obsession started out innocently enough. I saw the new X-Men movie once, then twice, dragging different people along with me. Then I went to see it a third time by myself. And then a fourth time, with another friend.

Then it disappeared from my local theater, and panic started to set in. So I turned to fanfic, hunting down stories on LiveJournal and Archive of Our Own. Devoured a dozen stories a day, easy. But pretty soon even that wasn’t enough.

So surfed over to Amazon and went on a DVD-ordering spree. McAvoy’s been busy – there were at least a dozen flicks he’s been in that I hadn’t seen yet. (My recs – Starter for 10, Penelope, The Last King of Scotland and the “Macbeth” episode of the BBC “Shakespeare Retold” series. Atonement’s good too, but I don’t watch it if you’re already depressed!) I was surprised to discover how many indie-art house type movies Fassbender’s done. (Where he mostly dies horribly, or else commits statutory rape. Don’t ask!)

But nursing solitary lust for a couple of onscreen hotties gets old after awhile – which is why God made romance writers’ conventions. So, last week I trekked to Philly for the Authors After Dark conference, where I met fellow Dirty Birdie Liz Silver, and we proceeded to get our McFassy geek on. And sing karaoke. And sign books. And get sloshed every night and confess what we’d do with our favorite guys if they ever fell into our perverted clutches.

Now I’ve got all kinds of ideas for McAvoy and Fassbender-shaped heroes in my next couple of projects, including a hot total-power-exchange dealie I’m currently planning with fellow author (and Fassavoy perv) Rachel Haimowitz.

The other day I realized the entire summer had flown by. My favorite summer in a long, long time. 😉

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2 Responses to My favorite summer…

  1. Totally with you on these two! I fancied Fassy way back when he was in Hex (a mediocre paranormal show made in the UK – and by odd coincidence was filmed in the same place as X-Men: First Class. Sorry, random geek info there) and James McAvoy was probably when I saw him in Becoming Jane. Looove him in that! 🙂

  2. I called Fass “the guy from Hex” for a long time, until I saw him in 300. Jesus Christ, those ABS!! Even those awful mutton-chop whiskers he sports in Jane Eyre can’t cover up the sexy.

    As far as McAvoy goes… he’d be adorable even without that Scots brogue and wicked sense of humor. Evidently his Really Groovy Mutation includes great hair and the bluest damn blue eyes since Paul Newman. *siigh*