I’ll do what I want, thank you very much…

In February we’re talking about freedom – freedom concerning what we write, how we live our lives, etc. So I thought I’d talk about freedom within the context of my characters.  I let them be who they want to be, for the most part.

I’m a pantser. Detailed plotting makes me break out into hives. But because I don’t plot-much-sometimes my characters do things that make me sit back and say, “Now why the hell did you do that?” It happened just yesterday as I was writing Momentum, Buckin’ Bull Riders book 3 (Impact is book 1 and Collision, coming in late spring 2012, is book 2). My hero stalked out of the heroine’s motel room in a huff. Why? I had no idea when I wrote it.

Seriously. No idea. I had to stop writing until I figured out why he’d gone out the door, where he was going, and what he would say when he got back. But that’s okay, because what he did after he came back brought the hero and heroine into a situation where I could build the sexual tension. See? Marco knew better than I did!

And because I know y’all love hot covers, here’s the cover for Collision, book 2 in the Buckin’ Bull Riders series. Yee haw indeed!

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