Freedom and the right to marry who you love…

The United States has a long history of people fighting for their freedoms. Our country and politics rose from the aftermath of the American Revolution. In the 60’s the US seemed to be in a state of rebellion, from the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, followed by the Gay Rights movement. Since then, we have seen less protests. American’s are free so so what is there to protest about? Plenty. Freedoms can always be taken away. We learned this well enough by studying Hitler’s Germany, or Mao’s Cultural Revolution…

And today, the GLBT community is fighting for their right to marry.

Yesterday, I read where California overturned Proposition Eight which banned same-sex marriage. They claimed it was unconstitutional. This is a hot button for many people – on both sides of the camp. Regardless of my belief, what I love about our country is that citizens on both sides can make their banners, paint their placards, shout their slogans, and march on Washington DC. That’s freedom. It’s not to say I don’t get angry or hurt when I see people marching and shouting out words that I think are intolerant and unjust. I do, but I can try to change someone’s mind, by my stories and actions, and easing their fears about something they might not understand.

On a lighter note, with the overturn of Propsition Eight, it got me thinking that in my books I never have my men propose marriage. I’m not sure why? Looking back, there are a few of my characters that would pop the question:

Johan, my sexy Old World vampire would marry his slayer, Corbin. Not sure about Corbin…the slayer is still uneasy loving a vampire. Skye is always bugging Drew to move into his beach cottage – and in back of his mind he’s thinking marriage. He’d like nothing better than to put a ring on his lover’s left hand. Antoine, my French Tiger, feels he’s already married to Jack since he’s his khalid. And Jack, well, it would never enter his mind since its 1940s.

I’m writing my 10th book – and maybe I’ll end it with a marriage proposal. That would be cool!

I’m going to end this post with a quick shout out to my newest release – More Love Notes. It’s a romantic anthology about love and perfect timing! My short story is Lover’s Trill – two musicians from opposite ends of the music world finding a second chance at love. Check it out here.

Also, Musa Publishing is releasing my previous published Woodland Village series. The first book, Blue Skye was released in January. It will be followed by Ryan’s Harbor next month, and then, John’s Match, a new Woodland Village romance! Thank you, Musa!

Viki Lyn


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