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Hello everyone! It’s time to introduce myself. I’m the newest dirty bird around these parts, Lydia Nyx! It’s fitting this month’s theme is beginnings since I’m just ‘beginning’ on this blog. Let me tell you a little about myself:

I’m a m/m romance and erotica author, though I’ve been contemplating ‘jumping the fence’ to do some m/f romance and erotica as well. I also write urban fantasy and a wee bit of horror (both m/m themed). I’m published with a bunch of publishers, including Silver Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, and Torquere Press. I have two full-length novels, From Morocco to Paris–a contemporary erotic romance–and Black Shore of the White City–an urban fantasy and the first of what is planned to be a trilogy. I’m also published in a boat-load of anthologies, so if you’re scratching your head and saying, “now where have I seen her name before?” you’ve probably come across me in one of those!

I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio and when I’m not writing smut I work in a bar/restaurant as a waitress, which I love doing. I live with my teenage son and a hyper cat and I like to drink coffee so much they should probably hook me up to an IV of it. I’m also currently obsessed with Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and True Blood.

Whew. Is it finally time to stop talking about myself?

As it just so happens, my introduction today coincides with my newest release, so I get to say hello and pimp myself!

Today is the release of my story Ghost Hunting With the Stars, part of the ‘Po’ Boys’ anthology from Torquere Press! This one has a special place in my heart, as the anthology was actually my brainchild over dinner in New Orleans with the editors of Torquere Press at the GayRomLit Retreat. Of course the stipulation of doing a New Orleans-themed anthology was obvious: I had to write a story for it! My contribution is a sexy, funny romp set in the French Quarter, starring an unlikely pairing: a hotel desk clerk and a reality show TV star. At the supposedly ‘haunted’ hotel where the story mainly takes place, more than ghosts end up going bump in the night…

Ghost Hunting With the Stars

Working as a desk clerk in a French Quarter hotel isn’t a glamorous job, but it pays the bills–just ask Harley Weston. Thankfully, Harley is happy with a boring but stable life; what he isn’t happy with is Jackson Carney, America’s ‘favorite gay ghost hunter,’ coming to film his TV show in Harley’s hotel and bringing a Hollywood circus along with him. However, Harley quickly learns that Jackson isn’t just another overblown reality show celebrity. In fact, Jackson is a lot more down-to-earth than the otherworldly things he hunts and he soon makes Harley wonder if the mundane day-to-day is really as satisfying as Harley tells himself it is.

About the Po’ Boys anthology:

New Orleans is beautiful, mysterious, and above all, sexy. Po’ Boys explores all the dark alleys and shadowy cemeteries the city has to offer, with all the heat you expect from the Deep South.

In Ghost Hunting with the Stars, by Lydia Nyx, Harley Weston is an average guy. So when Jackson Carney, America’s favorite gay ghost hunter, comes to film a TV show at the haunted French Quarter hotel Harley works in, Harley isn’t impressed. However, Harley does admire Jackson’s surprisingly down-to-earth attitude.

In Bubba’s All Night Diner and Bait Shop, by Kiernan Kelly, you’ll find muffuletta and murder at Bubba’s, where the danger is as thick as the accents, and the sex is as spicy as the jambalaya.

In Sexual Frankenstein, by TC Blue, friends and band mates Darian Jones and Tony Delacourt think they know each other well. When an opportunity for the band falls into their laps, it seems like a dream come true, but between their unacknowledged attraction, and some questionable decisions, they must decide whether to play it safe, or risk it all.

Finally, in Link to the Crescent, by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga, werewolf Landry is sent to New Orleans from his home in the swamp, told he’ll meet his destiny. What he meets is vampire, Thierry, who might just be exactly what Landry’s looking for.

Let the good times roll!


When they stepped into the street, yelps went up. Still stationed on the sidewalk opposite the hotel, some of Jackson’s female admirers had spotted them.

“Uh oh,” Jackson said. “They’re persistent, aren’t they?”

“Maybe you should go back in,” Harley said. “You can always order room service.”

The women looked eager and hopeful. Some had cell phones out, clearly ready to take pictures.

“I don’t want to spend the whole trip hiding inside,” Jackson said. “I have an idea. Play along, will you?”

Harley opened his mouth to ask what he meant, but Jackson grabbed his hand. He pulled Harley across the street. Harley, startled, followed wordlessly, warmth creeping across his cheeks. As they approached the women, Harley’s embarrassment turned to horror. He didn’t want his picture taken.

“Hello, ladies!” Jackson called out. “How are you this evening?”

“Jackson!” A blond woman rushed forward. “Will you take a picture with us?”

“Just one,” Jackson said. “My boyfriend and I are going out to enjoy the city.”

Harley gaped at Jackson. The women made cooing sounds and gazed adoringly at Harley. He wanted to break free of Jackson’s grip and run away.

Jackson had his picture taken with the group of women — Harley took it — but when they begged for autographs and to talk with him, Jackson grabbed up Harley’s hand again.

“Gotta be on my way, ladies. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for watching the show!”

Jackson turned and pulled Harley down the street, a chorus of disappointed sighs and shouted ‘goodbyes’ following them.

“Is there another way to enter the bar other than from this street?” Jackson asked.

“Yes.” Harley hurried along beside him. “Around the corner.”

Once around the corner, Jackson dropped Harley’s hand. Harley’s cheeks were still hot.

“Thank you,” Jackson said. “They usually let me go if I’m with someone and seem like I’m in a hurry.”

“Are they going to go on the internet and tell everyone I’m your boyfriend?”

Jackson grinned. “Don’t worry, they’ve seen me with so many ‘boyfriends’ I doubt they can keep track.”

Harley frowned. “Don’t you wish guys would chase you around like that?”

“Oh, they do. You should have seen when I was in San Francisco for my Halloween special.”

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And that’s my introduction. I’m happy to be part of this awesome blog and I’m eager to talk to the people who read it, so don’t be shy and say hello!

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