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I don’t attend many conferences which I wrote last time I posted. For one, they are expensive and I can’t afford but one conference every couple of years. So I really have to think about which conference will benefit both my specific genre and hold my interest.

I’ve always wanted to attend RT (Romance Times) because I heard it’s a reader’s conference and has lots of fun parties – but I never seem to get my act together in time to go! But this year, I’m excited to be attending the GayRomLit conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wanted to go last year when it was in New Orleans but was out of the country at the time. Disappointed, I was determined to go this year.

It’s this October, and well it’s going to be hoot and a half. It’s worth it just to go on their site for a peek at the cowboy with the hot tattoo!

There are going to be over a hundred participating GLBT writers, many who I have chatted with online and got to know through cyberspace. Many authors who I’ve read and enjoyed as well. I’m really looking forward to talking ‘shop’ and exchanging ideas and putting faces to the names I know so well.

The conference is closed to authors as they reached their limit – but open to attendees that want to meet and party with their favorite authors. So check it out! GayRomLit Conference Site

Next month Dirty Birdies will be posting hot, sizzling excerpts to usher in the summer months so it’s not to be missed, plus sexy pics to go along with sexy excerpts.

Happy Reading!

Viki Lyn


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4 Responses to Specialized Conferences – GayRomLit

  1. I’d like to go to this conference one day, too. Like you say, though, they’re so expensive, so you have to pick the ones that will give the best value for money! 🙂

    Hope you have a great time, keep us posted!

  2. I’ll be at GRL, Viki, and can’t wait to see another Birdie there! I got to go last year and it was a blast. This year promises to be even better. : )

  3. Tara that’s great we’ll get to meet! Yay. This is the reason I’m going, so I can meet all the cool authors 😉 Viki

  4. Elizabeth Silver

    I really hope I can make it to GRL so we can room together, Viki! It looks like it’ll be a great weekend!