In the River…

Since May is naughty excerpt month, I figured I’d join in. Here’s an excerpt from my Western erotic foodie romance, Misbegotten Gaines. Kyle and Jamie dance around their attraction for a long time, but when Kyle catches Jamie bathing in the river in nothing but a t-shirt… well, here’s a taste.

She crossed the small distance he’d created between them. “Please don’t talk. I just want to feel you and touch you.” She pressed against his chest and raised onto her tiptoes for his kiss. “And fuck you.”

He pulled her to him and turned her around, walking them back until her butt felt the cold rock. She wrapped her fingers around his erection again, and one of his hands snaked between her thighs. The delicious coldness of his skin was a sharp contrast to the warm, wet feeling she’d been trying to ignore most of the night.

Lost in his kiss, she almost stopped breathing when his fingers found first her clit and then the lips of her pussy. And disappeared inside her. She could have ridden his fingers, they were so long and strong and thick.

But she wanted him inside her. Jamie shifted against the rock so her pelvis welcomed him and her thighs parted. “Please, fuck me.”

In one swift movement, Kyle’s thick cock filled her. He paused when he’d buried himself fully inside her, as though coming up for air for the first time.

“Come on, baby,” she urged, grinding her hips against him. She felt some pressure on her clit and looked down to see his hand in the shadows. Beautiful man.

He finally pulled out and started to fuck her right and proper, grunting with each thrust.

“Careful,” she said. “We have to be quiet.” To shush him, she pulled his head down for a kiss, and he groaned into her mouth.

While the tension built between them, Jamie could feel the orgasm approaching, and she had no idea how she was going to hold in her cries. She’d already almost drawn blood from biting her lip. Then Kyle’s finger found the sensitive underside of her clit, and she launched forward, burying her face in his shoulder.

“That’s right, girl,” he coaxed, bringing his thumb around again.

Her eyes almost rolled back in her head. She opened her mouth as the wave of her orgasm started to take her, and he pulled her closer. She couldn’t help but bite down on his neck a little to muzzle herself as she started to come.

Just as she hit the peak, Kyle took her mouth again, and she whimpered into his kiss as she came. As though she set him off, he groaned back and his body stiffened.

When their orgasms subsided and both panted quietly, looking into each other’s eyes, Kyle whipped her around, so he laid back on the rock and folded her into his embrace. Jamie straddled him, leaned onto his big chest, and caught her breath.

It had all happened so fast, and been such a frenzied quickie, she hadn’t even had time to take off her shirt. But something had clicked inside, and she had to have him. Lying against him, she listened to the staccato of his heartbeat and looked off into the darkness, waiting for whatever it was to click back.

Instead, she heard his breath normalizing, the quiet rush of the river, and the thud of her heart in her throat. And she wanted to do it again, or maybe stay like this for a while.

Dammit, they were gonna get in so much trouble for this.

Poor Kyle. The guy just can’t win in this book. Of course, you could call that winning. But they’ve got more of a task ahead of them now that they’ve broken the camp rules… we’ll see what happens next. Meanwhile, check out the other DB excerpts.

Also, during my Cowboys (& Corsets) & Cocktails release party, I’m giving away lots of prizes to commenters, including an iPad. So if you’re interested, comment away and see all the rules here.

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  1. Very hot excerpt! 🙂

  2. Camryn Rhys

    Thanks so much, Sadey!