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Men in saunas, in showers, in all sorts of hot, steamy places — well, okay, the visual of it turns me on. Maybe that’s why I like shower scenes so much! I wrote one in Last Chance, and now a couple years later, a sauna san shower scene in John’s Match. It starts with John and Scott taking a sauna after a tennis match. They haven’t acted on their attraction…yet…but how anyone resist a naked man with just a skimpy towel wrapped seductively around his waist?

HOT sexy steamy excerpt:

John stood by the sauna door, a white towel wrapped around his waist. “Are you coming?”

Scott fingers itched to yank off that skimpy towel, the V-line of dark hairs disappearing beneath John’s waistline, enticing erotic images. His dick hardened at the visual of John’s cock dancing in his head. John smiled, more like a predatory grin, one of his hands holding the towel close to his privates. Scott was already perspiring. He rarely played the role of aggressor. So why was he imagining himself sexually approaching John? He needed to get laid, but not with John.

“Yeah, I’ll be sec. Meet you inside.” Scott pulled off his tennis shirt and tossed it into his duffle. Never comfortable with public nudity, he’d strip in private.

Thank you very much.

The steam assaulted him as he walked into the sauna, clutching his towel wrapped around his waist. He breathed in the scents of cedar and eucalyptus, the hot mist already melting away his aches. Taking the top bench across from John, he stretched out and adjusted his towel.

Several minutes went by in silence. Since David’s death, men were a passing interest, without a thought after the sex. Scott didn’t believe for one second this is how it’d be with John. That’s why he had to stay put on the bench, keep his hands clasped over his cock.

A hand touched his shoulder, and he opened his eyes not realizing he had been drifting asleep. Startled to see John, he jerked up his head. Their noses bumped and he yelped, pulling back.

John’s laugh was muffled by his hand as he massaged his nose. “You pack a hard punch.”

“Oh God, sorry. You startled me.” He reached for John’s face. His fingers feathered across the square chin. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I hit you just as hard.” John traced the bridge of Scott’s nose. “Looks like we’ll both survive without too much damage.”

Scott’s heart skipped a beat when John smiled, those dimples tempting him. His need to touch John burned deep inside. Now was his chance. Should he take it? Did John want him?

John’s finger slid across Scott’s bottom lip.

Oh God. Yeah, he wanted John.

His mouth parted and he sucked in John’s finger, smiling at John’s eyes flashing bright. John pulled it out slowly. Once released, John held Scott’s chin. There was no going back now, and Scott kissed John.

Thrust of tongues thrust and collided for one shocking moment, and then found their way around each other. He hadn’t kissed this possessively since David, maybe not even then.

John’s hands raked through his hair, and then his fingers feathered his cheeks, his neck. John liked to touch, and Scott liked a man that held him so firmly. Hot for it, his cock poked through the towel. Steam swirled around him. John pulled Scott closer as the marathon kiss continued.

Scott grasped John’s shoulders and kneaded them as he pursued the deep taste of John. He wrapped one leg around John’s waist, the other dangling off the bench. He leaned back, keeping a hand on John’s shoulders. A blast of steam misted his face.

John gazed at Scott’s cock. “Nice,” John said, his voice rough. “How about I relieve you of that?”

“Shit, all it’d take is one touch and I’d come. It’s been a long time for me.”

“That’s okay.” John glanced at the glass door. “We should take this elsewhere, though.” He grinned. “My father belongs to this club, and while he’s okay with me being gay, he wouldn’t like to hear his son is using the sauna for his sexcapades.”

Scott smiled back. “I guess no dad, however accepting, is that liberal.”

Scott ran his hands through John’s hair. The smile on John’s face sent a shiver through him. Such a bad boy grin…

And, oh hell, why bother fighting it? Not when he was this horny. It was too late for regrets or for rational thought.

John ran the pad of his finger along the length of Scott’s cock.

Scott moaned, not able to control the sound coming out of him. And when John’s hand gripped his dick, he jerked, practically coming undone. Once John let go of Scott’s cock, he stood and grabbed Scott’s wrist, pulling him up. He hugged him, and kissed the side of his neck. John’s lips teased near his ear. “Shower.”

Scott found himself pulled into the first shower stall they came to. Thankfully they were individual units with opaque curtains. If someone walked in, it wouldn’t be obvious that two men were in the shower getting off on each other. If they kept quiet.

He wasn’t ready to be an exhibitionist in a swanky country club’s locker room. He nervously laughed at the absurdity of his situation.

John stepped back. “Are you okay?”

Warmth spread across Scott’s chest at the tender way John asked. “Yeah, I want this.” He didn’t want to think too much, but he knew he’d feel too much. The kiss between them said it all. John would be a dynamo in bed, and Scott could imagine how John’s cock would feel up his ass, filling him with all that fucking tenderness.

John reached over and turned on the shower as he gently pushed Scott against the cool tiles. John’s fingers traced the rim of Scott’s cockhead, the other hand holding the base. Then John began his assault, moving his thumbs in tiny circular motions up and down his shaft.
It’s gets better from there — but I can’t reveal all of John’s secrets! You can read more at my site.

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