Welcome to June! We’re talking about setting…and getting dirty

Hello fellow pervy peoples. Our theme for June is settings; specifically, the settings we use in our books. Since I’m leading off the month, I thought I’d talk about why I use my hometown of Buffalo, NY as the backdrop for many of my stories.

It’s simple: I love it here and I’m lazy.

Let’s tackle those point by point, shall we? Yes, I will unabashedly say that I love the Buffalo region. Many times we’re lumped in with Niagara Falls (which is about a half-hour away), and that’s okay with me, but it’s not all that the area is or has to offer.

Among things like a great cultural scene considering the city’s size, the Buffalo area also has awesome architecture, cool neighborhoods, and great restaurants. See Exhibit A:

Elmwood Avenue (Photo taken by my friend Chuck Banas)

Now, the second point. I’m incredibly lazy, and since I know this area so well, I don’t have to do a lot of research about where characters would live, where they’d go for entertainment, etc. And I like that.

Buffalo is often thought of as one of the armpits of America, a place where the weather is horrible and people wear parkas all year long. But know what? You can, in fact, get a tan in Buffalo.

— Cassandra

2 Responses to Welcome to June! We’re talking about setting…and getting dirty

  1. Camryn Rhys

    Oh, Buffalo…. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been to Buffalo! Loved it, and remember all the sights you mentioned. Stayed in a B&B near the Elmwood district, had lunch on the waterfront. I agree it’s so much easier setting a story in a familiar place! That’s why many of my stories are set in San Francisco and the Bay Area. πŸ™‚