Settings: Mysterious worlds, Mythical places

My settings are as eclectic as me. From writing what is familiar (San Francisco, New York, Phoenix) to fantasy worlds. My love of travel seeps into many of my stories. I like to have an anchor of familiarity to begin with, no matter how outlandish the setting.

I’ve always known I wanted to travel, way before I ever decided what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’. When I left home, and had my first professional job, I saved enough money to take a vacation to Mexico. The travel bug bit me good, and I’ve been traipsing across the globe ever since.

Most of my paranormal series border on fantasy, which means a lot of world building. Many of my settings are impressions from places I’ve visited over the years.  I love sacred sites, prehistoric ruins, and ancient places that still hold a sense of mystery even today. I want my reader to sense this wonderful feeling of mystery in my parafantasy stories.

For my new paranormal series I created two celestial worlds where my archangels reside, and Protectors live alongside angels. The topography of one city is loosely based on the layout of Rome and its seven hills. Angels live in buildings made from natural materials, and their temples are similar to what you might find if you were transported to ancient Greece or Rome — graceful proportions, blocks of marble, open air atriums. By creating a world based on familiar locations, it gives a reader a starting point in which to visualize the world I’ve created.

My last trip was to Eastern Europe, and since I’ve returned home, I’ve set a short story in Vienna – Lover’s Trill. I’m writing a vampire story and plan for my characters to return to Prague now that I’ve been there. I’ve taken photos of placed that Johan would surely take Corbin!

Settings are characters, taking on different moods, at time unpredictable. And for me, writing is all about transporting the reader into another world, and letting them experience something different, something wondeful.

Happy Reading!

Eye candy: One of my fav book covers from my shape shifter series:


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