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What inspires me…

Travel is high up on my list because it allows me to see my world in a different way. It revitalizes my spirit and reconnects me with my muse. I never write when I’m on vacation. I allow myself to take a break and just be…maybe that’s why when I come home I’m energized and ready to begin a new story.

La danza d'Apollo con le Muse - Guilo Romano - Stengel
Watching a love story on TV inspires my muse. I have my favorites – North and South, Sense and Sensibility, Latter Days, Boy Culture…and it doesn’t matter if it’s a gay romance or straight romance, watching the love story unfold is what gets to my emotions.

Music… can’t forget my playlist. I love listening to music when I write. I’m one of these people that can study, write and do most anything while the TV’s blaring, music’s blasting. When writing a sex/love scene I listen to: Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli, Come Undone by Duran, Duran, Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp, Quiet Beauty by James Todd…even Vivaldi Four Seasons. There’s something about the sound of a passionate violin that’s damn sexy.

My CP inspires me. I love our once a week meetings where we can talk about writing without boring anyone. We laugh, we cry, we rant and rave, and inspire each other, and most of all, we care about the other’s writing and career.

Hugh Jackman

And of course, looking at a sexy man behind sunglasses. I never leave home without them!*sigh* Hugh Jackman always an inspiration!

Viki Lyn


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