Ahhh, vacation…what will I read?

I love vacations, though they’re a little different now that The Toddler (yes, that’s trademarked) is around. Before, when we were heading out somewhere, I’d look at my physical to-be-read pile (see below, and no, that’s not an exaggeration, even with my Kindle) and pick out four or five. These days, I make sure my Kindle is loaded up and that I have my charger with me.

I have to say, the only thing that’s bad about this situation versus what I used to do is that I can’t read my Kindle in bright sunlight wearing my sunglasses. But the advantages far outweigh that issue. The Kindle is lighter and smaller than a pile of books. I don’t have to wonder who’s staring at one of the erotic romance covers of the books I read and judging me. Take note that I don’t really care if I’m being judged for what I read, but the hubby is a little more paranoid about stuff like that and obviously, being the loving wife I am *looking skyward for lightning*, I don’t want him to feel embarrassed.

It was really nice when, in October 2011, hubs, The Toddler, and I went on a short vacation with my parents. One night my dad and I went for a walk and then sat outside on one of many swings. We talked for a while and then we both read. I had my Nook at that time, and he had a physical book. We were in Norfolk, Virginia, so it was still warm in October, and we just hung out and read.

Do you read on vacation? If so, do you ever read anything different from your usual? Do you read physical books or are you an ereader addict like I am? And now I will leave you with a picture of my friend John Quinlan, who’s a romance novel cover model. By the by, his images are free for authors to use. FMI http://www.johnquinlan.org.


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