Where the Boys Are

Hi everyone– Thank you so much for visiting the Birdies. This month, we’ve been talking about settings that inspire us. That got me thinking about my favorite subject–men! I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel all over the world and i have very definite opinions about where the most gorgeous men are. I’m going to give you a short itinerary you might use for your own hero watching activities. (Sadly, i can’t use too many photos because we only post photos we own and i didn’t take pictures of enough beautiful guys. Hmm. Maybe that’s because my husband was carrying the camera.)

The most consistently beautiful, heart-stopping men i have ever seen en masse are the men of Senegal in Africa. Taller than average (often over six feet) with long legs, broad shoulders, and long necks, these guys are great looking as the norm and about three out of every ten are movie stars.  I think a lot of American basketball players are descended from the Senegalese. I’ll bet a lot of Jamaicans, the second most beautiful men in the world, also have roots in Senegal.The Senegalese are  charming too. I bought a LOT of souvenirs from one gorgeous teenager who could charm the birds.

While the men of Senegal are deep chocolate, the men of Denmark are blond, baby, blond. There are many fair-haired boys all over Scandinavia, but i saw the most in Denmark. Again, many of the men are tall, with structural faces and fair skin showing their Viking heritage. Even if you’re not into blonds, the Danes will stop you in your tracks.

Then we have the Brazilian men who mix up every ethnicity into an amalgam so captivating you want to sit on the beach and stare. These guys can be short or tall, any color from pale to black, and often wonderfully athletic. I think i saw the BOY from Ipanema.

In Spain, the ditch-diggers look like movie stars. Smallish, with dark hair and olive skin, they resemble the Italians but often with sharper more architectural features. I went to Spain first as a girl in my early twenties and left my heart.

The French are not to everyone’s taste, but I love them. Tending to be of medium height (though both extremes are common), slender with sharp features and the famous long noses, French men include some of the handsomest and ugliest guys around. But then, the French even make ugly handsome.

Forgive all my generalities. The world is a melting pot and you can find every type of man everywhere. But still, it makes you want to take a trip, doesn’t it?  : )

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2 Responses to Where the Boys Are

  1. Tara what a fun post – but don’t forget the Italian men – oh my, dark, handsome and dressed to kill – expecially in Rome and Florence.

  2. I know. So many men, too little space. But i do have a special spot for those yummy Italians. : )